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-    Many insurance companies will offer a discounts on premiums and this varies from company to company. Class 4 rated shingles will prolong the life of the roofing system leading to less insurance claims which is why they can offer discounts to homeowners. We advise homeowners to speak with their insurance companies about discounts available. After that your project manager can price out the upgrade cost and the homeowner can make a decision on how long the premium discount will pay for itself.

-    If you have damage causing immediate leaks or holes in your structure call our 24 emergency service to get repairs done first.
-    If you suspect hail damage or just need reassurance call us for a free inspection first. Call a licensed contractor and we can meet with your adjust on the property for peace of mind. If you open a claim with your insurance company and they do not find hail this can go against your policy as an open claim.
-    We will work with your insurance company through the entire process from inspection, re-roofing process, final billing and invoicing. The only money you are responsible for is your policy deductible and or any upgrades to roofing materials.

-    Total Roofing is a local family owned and operated business serving the community since 2005. Our experienced project managers and roofing crews are on every job from start to finish, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
-    We offer a 5 year workmanship warranty meaning we will take care of any installation issues for the first 5 years after the job is completed free of charge. We work hand in hand with manufactures for any possible defective materials used.
-    We are a Platinum Preferred contractor with Owens Corning so we can offer extended warranties through a fortune 500 company standing behind their products and our installation


-    There are many different options for roofing products in this area.
-    Asphalt Shingles, most popular for this area and available in the most diverse colors, styles, and impact ratings.
-    Tile, we install concrete and ceramic tiles depending on the look desired. If you are going from an asphalt shingle to tiles a structural engineer will need to look at the project.
-    DECRA Metal Roofing, stone coated steel roofing system. Manufactured to look like shake, slate or tile. Benefits of metal roofing with aesthetics of more traditional roofing systems. No structural engineering required
-    Metal Roofing


-    All of our roofing crews carry their own workman’s’ compensation and general liability insurance
-    Total Roofing carries our own workman’s compensation and general liability insurance as well


-    Once your claim has been approved the insurance company will send you a full report and scope of work along with an initial check. The scope of work is for the contractor you choose to perform the repairs/restoration. This is to insure the work that the insurance company is paying gets done. Once the adjuster inspects the property they will determine the Replacement Cost Value, RCV, of the property. Then based on age and condition they will depreciate the cost of the repairs. Once they deduct depreciation and your deductible from the RCV that is your initial