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Five Things to Think About Before You Replace Your Roof

Replacing the roof is a huge undertaking in any homeowner’s journey. Not only is the roof one of the most important parts of the house, it also takes some of the toughest beating from the elements and deserves your TLC and attention. When the time comes to replace your roof—add a new roof to new construction—there are important things to think about before all is said and done. Preparation and knowledge are important for this project, so here are five things to keep in mind.

1. Research is important.

First things first: do your research about the roof you want. Types of roofs vary, and it’s worth reading up on the different roofing materials and thinking about what would be best for your home. Also, decide on the shape of the roof you want. From Dutch Gable to Butterfly, it’s not always just a simple triangle like you see on top of a child’s artwork! Make a list of things you like while searching the internet, then narrow down a shape and material for the future roof.

2. The environment matters.

As you narrow down what you are looking for in a roof, also consider the environment in which you live. Climate—including the typical temperatures throughout the year, amount of rainfall and amount of snowfall—matters when deciding on a new roof. Certain materials and even certain shapes may perform better and save you money on energy or repairs down the road.

3. Check for insurance changes.

Deciding to make significant changes to the previous version of your roof means you should check with your insurance company and find out if the changes you are planning on - whether it’s a new shape, new material or both - might cause changes to your homeowners insurance policy or premiums. Don’t get blindsided by a more expensive premium - ask your agent what the options are to keep costs low and get what you want.

4. Understand the warranties.

Warranties are no fun to read, but with a new roof, there is no getting around them. Make sure you understand the difference between a warranty on the roofing materials and the warranty on the work by roofing contractors. Many homeowners believe lifetime guarantee on materials means the roof that can be replaced at no cost down the road. However, the contractor warranty and the material warranty are not the same thing. Be sure to ask!

5. Don’t rush project completion.

Experts suggest that you make sure your new roof is what you want before signing the check and asking the contractors to pick up any stray nails or materials that might have fallen into the yard or surrounding areas before calling the project complete. When you use a reputable contractor, the final processes and clean up should be smooth, and you should be enjoying the sight and safety of your beautiful new roof in no time.