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Five of Your Biggest Roofing Questions Answered

When something goes wrong in the home – the one place where you and your family need to feel safe and at peace – it can be rather daunting.

Fortunately, being armed with a bit of basic knowledge about your house can mean the difference between thoughtful solutions and sheer panic. So why not start with learning a few things about uppermost part of your home’s structure – the roof.
Here are five of the most common questions that homeowners have pertaining to their roofing system, followed with a solution.

1. How long will my roof last?
If the roof on your house is brand new, you can optimistically expect it last for at least 20 years, according to experts at Total Roofing – but this lifespan also depends on a number of other factors. If, for example, your roof is composed of a sturdy material such as slate or metal, it will last a much longer time than a roof made of aluminum coating. Environmental factors are also important, as are the quality of the roof’s construction and how often it receives maintenance.

2. How will I know if my roof has problems?
Don’t make the mistake of waiting until something catastrophic happens to your roof, such as a bad storm. Take a look inside and out at least twice each year to see if any signs of roof damage are apparent. Outside, check for issues such as damaged shingles, deteriorated flashings or gutter accumulation; inside the house keep an eye out for things like damaged paint or spots on ceilings.

3. Do I have to replace my roof completely if it starts leaking?
The experts at Total Roofing agree that you might not have to replace your roof to solve a leak – but you’ll need to catch it earlier rather than later. Roof leaks are often the result of your flashings being damaged or a bad “spot” that can be repaired. For more serious issues, however, a new roof might be the only solution.

4. Can I work on my roof myself?
Working on your roof yourself might sound tempting both for the financial aspect and for the challenge. Yet, it’s important to know when to call someone who is trained to handle the job. Not only can you fall off the roof or through the ceiling of the house if you aren’t careful, the friendly crew at Total Roofing knows exactly how to repair damage to the roofing system so your rooftop can have a longer life. A botched job, on the other hand, can continue to put your home in jeopardy.

5. What does a new roof cost and how long will it take?
When it comes to how much a new roof will cost and the amount of time it will take to replace, these answers can vary widely. Factors such as what material you want for your roof and even the weather and time of year it is replaced will make a difference.

You can however, feel confident that the experts at Total Roofing will get the job done swiftly and help you decide on a roof solution that meets your budget.

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