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5 Steps to Take in a Roof Leak Emergency

There’s a good chance you’re not reading this at the critical moment of a roof leak, and we’re glad.
After all, if you know what steps to take to immediately prevent damage to your home and future damage to your roof, everyone will be better off. But what exactly should you do if there’s a water leak in the very thing that protects your family from Mother Nature’s wrath? Here are 5 tips to keep everyone dry.

1. Keep the leak from spreading.

Once you figure out where the leak is – you’ve probably noticed the wet spot, perhaps on the ceiling - make sure to clear the area and put down something that can collect excess water, which can accumulate quickly and cause damage to your home. Some experts even recommend poking a tiny hole where the leak is located (such as in the ceiling) to relieve pressure, and immediately placing a receptacle beneath to collect water. This tactic can allow the water to collect in one spot rather than springing from several points.

2. Ensure that no electrical outlets or appliances will suffer water damage.

If water is leaking anywhere near an appliance or anything that requires electricity, make sure to turn the power off for the safety of you and your family.

3. Make sure valuable items in your home are protected.

You almost certainly have items in your home that you want to protect in the event of a water leak emergency. Hardwood floors, furniture, wool rugs and other furnishings that could be harmed by the presence of water should be either moved or covered. A plastic tarp or other waterproof covering is useful to have on hand.

4. Dry everything out at the earliest opportunity.

After the rain or storm has let up and the water has stopped coming into the house, it’s time to make sure everything gets properly dried out. Damp carpets, floors, walls and other household elements can attract a dangerous amount of mold as well as cause unsightly staining in your home. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of water that seeped inside, it may be time to call on a water extraction specialist.

5. Call in the professionals.

Don’t wait! Make sure to call in the professionals as soon as things are under control. Procrastinating when the sun comes out again is not your best plan. If there is significant water damage, you will need to examine your household insurance coverage. Meanwhile, getting the roof fixed is important.

The experts at Total Roofing do not recommend that you attempt to fix the leak in the roof yourself - particularly in the case of significant damage. Peace of mind comes from letting licensed roof contractors handle the job!