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GACO Roof Coating

Total Roofing is a certified GACO Roof Coating installer

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If you are a building owner, facilities manager, or a personr responsible for the upkeep of buildings, you will be well aware of the importance of keeping your flat and low pitched roofs in good condition and extending their life and maintenance costs whenever possible.

There is growing awareness that a great source of cost savings can be found up on your roofs.

Refurbishing your low pitched or flat roofs, channels etc with GacoPro is more economical, causes less disruption to your business / tenants, is faster to carry out, and is environmentally friendly / energy saving.

Certified GACO Installers

Total Roofing is a certified installers and can provide 10+ year warranties on all GACO coatings.

  • A permit is typically not required for the project.
  • There are tax savings because it is considered a maintenance product and can be written off for tax purposes.
  • The product will resist ponding water for 50 years.
  • It will not breakdown in UV light.
  • Not a water or acrylic based product

Unrivalled Technology.

Gaco is at the forefront of cold applied silicone flat roofing systems & have developed flat roofing materials guaranteed to totally waterproof even under permanently ponding water.

Additional Cost Savings.

GacoPro’s white* reflective finish, reflects over 85% of the sun’s rays thereby drastically reducing roof damaging thermal shock (expansion / contraction) which in turn, further extends the life of your flat roofs. In most instances, (assuming structurally ok) you will make substantial cost savings on expensive flat roof replacement and additional maintenance / repair costs for decades.

Watch Videos About the Many Benefits of White Roof Here

In addition, where, up until now, you have been incurring additional costs applying reflective silver paint etc, when GacoPro white is used as the top coat, you will no longer require the regular costly applications of reflective paint etc.

Consistent Quality.

GacoPro liquid applied 100% silicone roof coating is manufactured to the highest quality standards and is proven to waterproof and extend the life of commercial flat roofs in all climatic conditions from artic to tropical.

*GacoPro is available in Grey or White, and you can apply either as finish coat, but be aware, the white finish offers you substantial additional benefits, i.e. lower heat induced expansion / contraction and its associated damage plus… in warm weather, conditions will be much more comfortable inside the building.

Where air conditioning is normally used to cool a building you can expect big savings from much reduced AC requirement.

We select & work primarily through reputable, fully insured Roofing Contractors, who are fully trained in the use / application of Gaco, so whether your roof(s) range from 100m2 to 100,000m2 or more, you can expect a cost effective, highest quality result every time. FM /Property owners who have own qualified maintenance personnel are welcome to contact us through Contact Us page on this website.


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