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RE-Roofing Installation Process

Property Protection – Tarps laid down over driveways and landscaping. If additional areas need to be protected inform your project manager so appropriate actions can be taken.

Tear Off Process – The old roofing materials will be removed all the way down to the roof decking and inspected. Any damaged decking will be cut out and replaced.

Dry In Materials – Tar paper or synthetic underlayments will be installed over the roof deck. New metal drip edge and penetration flashings will be installed. Ice and Water Shield will be installed in all valleys and around any other areas determined by the project manager and any code requirements.

Shingles – New field shingles will be installed on the roof with roofing nails and pneumatic nail guns. This process can be loud and cause vibrations around the house.  If you have items hanging on walls or on shelves it is advised to remove these during the roofing process.

Final Clean up and Inspection – After the shingles are installed the roofing crew will perform a cleanup of the property and run a magnetic rake to pick up any metal. A member of Pikes Peak Regional Building Department will inspect the roof up to 4 weeks after completion. This inspection is for our company to insure the property is completed properly and not a requirement for payment.


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